Velile Dyaloyi: The players need my support
22 March 2016

Head coach Velile Dyaloyi says its no time to point fingers at mistakes made, but rather that the Mthatha Bucks technical team and playing staff stay bonded and united.


Dyaloyi saw his side less than 10 minutes away from what would have been a vital three points on Saturday, but Vasco da Gama bundled in a somewhat dubious late equaliser in a 1-1 draw.


The result kept Amathol’amnyama one point above the relegation zone, with seven matches to play this season, their match at home to Milano United on April 9th.


Coach Dyaloyi provided with the following report back from the Vasco da Gama game:


“We always have a wish to win our games, but it is not happening. We planned, we came here [to Cape Town] knowing the exact way we wanted to play, and we managed to score an early goal.


“But we missed a lot of chances to seal it with a second goal. I think the area of us not scoring goals is a problem. We were under pressure second half, we let the opponent play in our half.


“For me it was a foul on the goalkeeper [which led to Vasco’s late equaliser], and the ref and the assistants knew about it. And now who has to suffer – me as the coach, I have to face the music. Its football, its life.


“I think though we deserved a win on that performance. Unfortunately I am not in control of the game: there are things you can control in life, there are things you cannot control in life.


“I don’t want to point to the mistakes of individuals, they get hurt. I need to get to the players and calm them down. These are youngsters, so they need a father figure. This is the time they need me. I will give the boys some time off to refresh, and then we will focus on the Milano game.”



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